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Samara Fabrick


Samara is a therapist for people who are ready to change their lives. Her warmth, intellect and directive style have proven effective in helping individuals and couples grow, change and thrive.

She approaches therapy with precision, energy and expertise; she has a strong passion for life that she brings to the work, and many clients find this passion contagious. Samara shows people how to create a life by design and live brilliantly on all levels.

In the therapy room, Samara is active and responsive. Her approach to therapy gives people the tools they need to identify specific objectives and start making concrete changes day-to-day. By using therapy as a “springboard,” clients are able to achieve goals in timely and powerful ways. Samara emphasizes that personal responsibility for improving one’s own life is key to creating successful outcomes.

In addition to being an experienced psychotherapist, Samara is a sought-after speaker and lecturer. For many years, Samara taught the premarital course “Making Marriage Work” at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. Samara applies this expertise to her extensive work with relationships and marriage in her private practice.

Samara is a California-certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her professional training at Columbia University’s School of Social Work where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW).

Since her return to California, Samara has done years of intensive clinical work with adults and adolescents in a variety of settings, including serving as the clinical director of Covenant House, an international organization providing housing and other services to homeless youth. A media veteran, Samara has been featured on WebTV, KWFB Los Angeles Radio, LA Moms, Variety Magazine, and MSN among others.

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Samara offers highly-specialized, action-oriented coaching for individuals and small businesses who are focused on making transformative changes. Coaching is provided either in-person or remotely through video conferencing.

A long-time resident of Los Angeles, Samara has been happily married for twenty-seven years and she is the proud mother of two terrific boys.

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