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Couples Counseling

Through Samara’s approach to couples counseling, each partner in the relationship is able to strengthen self-reflection, sense of self and coping skills. In this way, each person has more to offer the relationship, and the relationship becomes stronger and healthier as a result. In Samara’s words, “You need to figure out who you are so you can be a better partner. I help people become more comfortable in their own bodies, have more of a voice and become more of who they are.”

Samara addresses the range of issues that couples face at every stage of the relationship, including premarital issues, keeping the relationship alive in the face of having children, developing collaborative parenting strategies, dealing with in-laws (and out-laws), and strengthening intimacy, sexuality and sensuality. Samara works successfully with all kinds of relationships, including traditional and nontraditional couples. She also does “couples work” with individuals whose partners are unable to join them in therapy for whatever reason. Individual clients are able to develop valuable relationship skills which they can then successfully apply as they relate to their partners.
For many years, Samara taught the 10-week premarital course “Making Marriage Work” at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles and she applies this expertise to her work with couples in her private practice.

Thank you, Samara, for helping us reassemble our relationship into something infinitely stronger!

I owe my happy marriage and motherhood to Samara, because without her, I wouldn't have the clarity of mind to be available to my family.

I didn't think my husband and I would survive after infidelity, but Samara helped us realize our unmet needs behind the hurt and build from there. Today, I feel so much stronger as a person, and because of that, my husband and I are a hundred times more solid as a couple.

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